Trilogy in the Works!

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My Ugly is the first in the trilogy, “The Beginning of the Journey to My Beauty.”

In My Ugly, Flower exposes her most shameful, degenerate past and does her best to begin assembling her own road to mental, emotional and spiritual freedom. Not because she’s an expert in any such fields, but because her life demands it. Join Flower as she begins the journey of honoring self discovery.

About the author:

Flower was born on November 22, 1974, in California, where she still resides today. One of multiple siblings living amid a complex array of parental oddities. Subsequently becoming a bit of a cast-aside child, bouncing between families and constantly changing schools. From a high school dropout, to a single teen mom, and then wife, and eventually a mother of five. Flower became an active volunteer at her children’s elementary school and a lively servant in various churches over the years, working with both preschoolers and adolescents. Special circumstances led to more than a decade-long homeschooling endeavor, where Flower became a lover of knowledge. These undertakings became her passion and joy, but underneath it all was an unsuspecting ploy.

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Book two, “Deceitful Heart” is currently a work in progress, and book three, “On a Journey” is next. Eventually, I hope to publish the trilogy together as a set. 


Loopy Linnea, AKA Flower 🙂